WFC Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The Health and Community Services Workforce Council has recently released its strategic plan for 2017-2020. This strategic plan was developed as the Workforce Council marked its 25th year of operation. This is a worthy milestone for an organisation that occupies an important niche as the only independent Queensland peak body to represent the workforce related interests of the health and community services industries.

The organisation’s six goals are our three year priorities, which take account of both challenges and opportunities in our strategic and operating environment. Over the life of this plan, we will improve our financial sustainability; we will achieve stronger engagement with industry; we will deliver targeted and high quality services; and we will be more visible. Significantly, we will bolster our position as the trusted source of advice on all workforce matters relevant to our industries. Underpinning this, we will be a dynamic organisation – known for innovation and energy and, most importantly, bringing out the best in our people.

The new strategic plan continues our commitment to building a strong and sustainable health and community services workforce and we look forward to working closely with industry as we develop and deliver services across our four key arenas:

  • Industry representation on workforce
  • Research and analysis
  • Workforce strategy
  • Workforce capability

Strategic Plan 2017-2020