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Children’s Services: endless opportunities

The Workforce Council is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services’ Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) to be the Professional Support Coordinator (PSC) for Queensland.

And we’ve worked alongside the Children’s Services sector for nearly a decade.

Our many conversations and connections have allowed us to develop clear vision and plan for the professional development and support required to take the sector into the future. Our goal is to offer up-to-date, practical and accessible professional development and support for educators and services alike.

It’s about assisting services…to remain skilled and professionally equipped locally connected and valued by their communities.

We are here for educators…so they feel supported to focus on the children and families and are engaged in reflective practice that feeds into ongoing learning, practice improvement and leadership opportunities.

We succeed by connecting with people…who work in Children’s Services and the leaders, managers and supervisors who lead services so they can strive for excellence.

How can the Workforce Council assist me?

Over the past few months the Workforce Council has been working hard behind the scenes to expand its support for all children’s service providers, the results of this work means we can tailor specifically for you a full range of products that can support the learning journey within your service.

A major shift is that we have new exciting processes in place to enable our work to concentrate on the needs of an individual service or cluster of services. This is an exciting development for us, we are anticipating some amazing results within the sector.

So… if you are looking for some general advice or a highly tailored annual program, all it will take to engage with us is a simple conversation. We will discuss what is happening in your service and work with you to come up with cost effective, timely and most importantly meaningful solutions.

Call us today on for free 1800 112 585 or email [email protected]

Not sure if you’re eligible for subsidised professional development? Read our guidelines.


Can you tell me more about what you can offer?

The Workforce Council supports the people and services within the Children’s Services sector to work well. We have evolved workforce services, continuous professional development programs and learning tools that are customised to the needs and environments of people working with children in …

  • Long Day Care
  • Family Day Care
  • Outside School Hours Care
  • Kindergarten
  • Limited Hours Care
  • Budget Based Funded Service

We aim to play a valuable part in providing a variety of learning opportunities to services and educators by skilling, equipping and resourcing them to support children, their families and all communities right across Queensland.

Research and representation

You can stay in touch with current data and future trends in the sector through our regular communications, analysis and publications, dashboards and reports. This enhances decision-making and planning for future resources.

Workforce planning

You can access Workforce Planning support via our online learning tools, and in-service planning advice to strategically examine the future needs of your service and its workforce.

Workforce development

Workshops, conferences, on-line learning, action learning and in-service support to develop your people and your service.

  • Quality Practice Development to meet and exceed the National Quality Standards
    • In line with the National Quality Framework
    • Addressing all 7 Quality Areas
  • Leadership Development at an individual and sector level
    • Leadership Programs for Individuals
    • Ongoing Learning Series
    • Sector Development with Groups
    • Deadly Cards In Action – Building Leaders
  • Inclusive Practice Development to embed an inclusive culture in your service
    • YarnUp Tok Blo Yumi (Talk Belongs to You and Me)
    • Deadly Cards In Action – Cultural Competence
  • Bicultural Support

Why choose us to support you?

  • We can provide you with great value when you connect and learn with us
  • We strive to deliver value in supporting you to develop your service, your practice and your teams
  • Our people have practical experience offering current knowledge and in-depth understanding
  • We connect you to the right people – selecting the experts to deliver learning and linking educators, leaders and participants to learn through sharing
  • We are locally connected and embedded in the community – wherever we are needed
  • We focus on your needs and encourage immediate practical application of learning
  • We strive to be responsive, provide options and create a complete solution that suits your service
  • We deliver outcomes, ensuring practice change and providing longevity from learning through reflective practice and capacity building
  • Through our diverse content and varying methods of teaching and learning we ensure deep and thorough learning outcomes
  • Appointed by Government we are trusted to lead the sector with the development and delivery of best practice approaches to adult teaching and learning to support continuous improvement and ongoing learning
  • As part of the PSC Alliance, a national body, we provide relevant, innovative and evidence based professional development and support
  • We work collaboratively with government, industry organisations, workplaces, individuals, education and training providers and other stakeholders to ensure the future viability of the Children’s Services workforce. Across the broader health and community sector, each year we coordinate over 1,000 skilling and professional development activities reaching more than 20,000 workers across the state.
  • Support available through the Workforce Council is made possible through funding provided by the national Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) and the Queensland Government.

Example: Using action research to develop  

Action Research is a very rich process. No matter the topic, it’s really about finding something that the team is quite open to and that they are going to have some passion about. Consider the questions you ask over and over – it’s about going deeper from ‘Why can’t we do this?’ to ‘How can we do it?’ Action Research gave us a good guide and good push along, as well as lots of resources and people to go to for help. The process will never finish! I think it has given us the tools to really research and go into depth in our topic of including Indigenous perspectives and come up with rich and authentic ways of implementing this in the service.

We started by the staff working on their own learning with good research, including into the local history. We are really seeing it coming through as the children develop background knowledge and gain respect for the different cultures. They share knowledge with their parents and they ask about symbols for different parts of their own drawings, such as how the sea is represented in the local Indigenous culture. We are continuing to find new ideas, and having a reflective time every staff meeting helps continue this process.Trisha, Karana Early Education Centre



Useful tools

PSCA Self-Assessment Tool Professional Development Calendar 2015 PSC Innovative Project Application Form


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