Getting the best from the Vocational Education and Training System

The Queensland Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework is about promoting quality for the large investment made by the Queensland Government into VET.  It recognises all stakeholders – government, industries, training providers, employers and students as having a role to play in achieving high quality outcomes.

The framework outlines the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training’s (DESBT) approach to quality oversight of publicly-funded vocational training, detailing the many integrated measures that work to build confidence in the VET system and investment in skilling strategies.

The framework is comprised of five key areas including program design; supplier entry requirements; information and support; market performance; and oversight and compliance.  You can find out more here:

As part of our role as a Vocational Education and Training Industry Advisory Organisation (VETIAO), we provide advice to the DESBT on VET investment for the health and community services industries. This advice is provided based on evidence collected through strong engagement with industry. Feedback and input into training and skills investment from industry is always welcome.

In terms of our industry role in promoting quality in the system, we also encourage feedback on difficulties that may arise – this will sometimes mean referral to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or the Queensland Training Ombudsman.

The first step when issues arise with training providers is to attempt to resolve them directly. Speaking to the training provider and following up in writing with your complaint and expectations for resolution are good practice and provide evidence should the matter not be resolved satisfactorily. Should your complaint remain unresolved the next step is to contact ASQA or the Queensland Training Ombudsman.  Complaints can-not be investigated based on vague details or hearsay so complainants must be prepared to answer questions such as the name of the training provider, the fees, and the full details of the complaints that are being raised.

Quality is a shared responsibility so we encourage industry to be aware of the following steps to provide feedback that support continual improvement.

  1. Contact the Workforce Council for general advice and to provide feedback on workforce development and investment needs.
  2. If you would like to raise an issue of concern or complaint:
    • Contact ASQA in relation to poor quality training (Visit for more information).
    • Contact the Queensland Training Ombudsman in relation to complaints about state government departments and agencies including TAFEs (Contact can be made via or P: 1800 773 048)
    • Alternatively, contact the Health and Community Services Workforce Council and we will provide you with guidance.

For more information or to provide feedback please contact Kelly Kerwitz at or 07 3008 3616.