Cost-free recruitment solutions for employers

Finding suitable workers when you need them can be time consuming and costly. Did you know that there are government-funded programs that can help simplify the process and reduce the cost burden? The jobactive service is one such program.

Whether you are looking to employ a permanent, casual or temporary worker, jobactive providers are located nationwide and can help you find the right staff for your business at no cost to you. Your local jobactive provider will work directly with you to find job-ready candidates that fit your business needs. They provide professional end-to-end recruitment services, including advertising, sourcing, shortlisting and interviewing candidates. They can also advise you on wage subsidies that may be available when you hire eligible young, mature-aged, long-term unemployed or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers, and facilitate wraparound support and foundation skills training for job seekers.

Hospital partnering with local jobactives  

The QEll Jubilee Hospital in Coopers Plans, South East Queensland, views its collaborative partnership with local jobactives as a strategic business opportunity. Since 2017 the hospital’s Operational Support Services department has been making use of this service as its primary method of sourcing and training employees for entry-level Operational Support Officer roles.

Traditionally, recruiting for these casual positions involved considerable time and effort reviewing resumes and shortlisting candidates. In addition, it was difficult to ascertain suitability for the role in just five days of intensive induction training. Under the new recruitment process, all the government-funded jobactives in the region are helping to source employees for the hospital, based on its workforce needs. To simplify the process, HELP Employment and Training has taken on the lead jobactive role and acts as the single point of contact for the hospital. Following a jointly-run information session for interested candidates, job seekers are screened, interviewed and shortlisted by HELP for final selection by the hospital. With support from the Commonwealth Government’s Employment Fund, the jobactives cover the cost of vaccinations and training for the job seekers, who are now provided with 5 days of theoretical training delivered by TAFE Queensland and 10 days of on-the job practical training (10 shifts in 10 different areas).

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